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SGC.WTF is a hand-made portfolio project/Internet Radio and Web Directory

It's a fan site and my mp3 player at work, please dont sue <3

Weirdchamp vibes 24-7


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The Mega SoundCloud List

Musicians I Like



I'm back nerds. get fucked



An Actual 'Zine this time


Borrowed Love

Yung Lain Album Soon



purity://filter interview


Jaw Removal

Beachgrave interview

What am I looking at?


Internet radio station hosted by Ædith Lovelace , the Trash Princess. A comfier version with more features and wider chat panel. It's not finished, but it works. If it opens in the iframe, hit back, right click and open in new tab.

My Blog

Every Shitty Webring Site needs a blog.


a browser based telnet client for the SadGirlsClub synchronet bulletin board system, or BBS. A BBS is not the same as a bulletin like phpbb, instead relying on text-only protocols like early dial-up and telnet. It's there more as a reminder of where we came from than a serious tool.

Forums Now Available

Forums are accessable via the control panel, or via the navbar link. Theming will happen, we installed it on 4/5. Still a new thing

Minecraft on default port is up as always.

All banner-rolls are content either from webrings we participate in, or lists of sites we put together by hand. None of these are paid advertisements and are for aesthetic reasons

They just take you to other project websites like mine :3

This project is ACTIVE. there's a post every week or two :3