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i can't believe i've done like 12 posts now.

This week's post:

>Yung Lain interview and album

>Egofear's top 5 Egofear songs

>Weekly Playlist Updates

>Update on the state of SadGirlsClub

>Only 212 hrs of stream uptime, we had a brownout recently :(

Yung Lain Has an Album Coming Out

(It's called Borrowed Love)

As per tradition, every time i hear about one of the artists i like releasing an album, i have to bug em. i just always have questions right? well i caught a twitter post from them saying they had an album coming out in like a week tops so i had to take the opportunity to pester them. i hit them up on the post, they hit me up in dm's and then we moved to discord and planned a time to chat.

Timezones suck

i was able to find time early thursday morning at like 7 am my time when we could chat

Starting out as a trap producer like, 6 years ago, Yung Lain first got into their current style about two years ago when they discovered goreshit, specifically their album gnb. it was when he heard that album he had the realization that he wanted to make music like it and i'd say he did it. other inspirations cited include purity://filter and sigmatus

Asking more about him and his music he would proceed to describe his music: " I see my music as a part of myself" he told me, following up with an explanation of his sound: "a hybrid between atmo dnb and breakcore" and the story behind his next album, Borrowed Love. conversing more he told me about it's meaning to him: his time in the hospital, battling depression, and weeks at a time with nothing to help him through but music. In his words, a chance to show the good music can do for depression.

finally, i ahd to ask him waht his favorite track was: "cloudy saturday featuring yem" which is conveniently, a single! along with head full and Come, Lets Watch The Rain

satisfied with my line of questioning about his background and album i had t get the weird question asked:

"Ok if you could have any animal as a pet which would you pick?"

"A capybara. It's cute lmao"

the album itself is a great piece. It has a very balanced vibe with a great mix of high intensity and low intensity tracks, and the contrast between the two really drives home the author's meaning for the album. it's a great mix of atmospheric and in-your-face. It will be available on all streaming platforms June 30th. You can pre-save it here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/yunglain/borrowed-love

Finalizing out the interview, i asked the last two questions i have to ask every time: New Artist Advice, and Future Plans:

"for newer artist i just have one thing to say : keep grinding and never let anybody stop your passion"

"and after the album i think i'm gonna focus on playing live in france"

(maybe phisycal incoming too)

Egofear's Top 5 Egofear songs

i thought it'd be fun to ask

Also he released an EP called Colors. it's pretty good. you should listen to it.

>Dream Stasis (Ft. Sevnce)
>Love Lost - Egofear X Cvmpliant
>Friday nights at Cyberia
>You Wouldn't Download A Car
>Chop!Chop!Chop (Feat. LVCA LEON)

Playlist Updates?

   >Art by phosphorrgirl

Master Playlist

No traditional update this week

i'm gonna switch between favorites and new tracks to make the lists more useful.

>luupy - Silly Stupid Sad
This is by far my favorite track. hands down. this is my favorite song. it will not change.
>Onumi - Unglue my Name
I just really love this song. it's moody and atmospheric but intense.
>Avalon and roxas - plague
Oni13 music was my first step outside of the mainstream mainstream and this was one of the songs that has stuck with me from that time. it reminds me of the time i tried to data a skater boy cause i tried that for the first and last time the summer i found this song.
>Gyrofield - Out of my Mind
the tune is insanely catchy and i love the vocals so so so much. so much.
>hittingnotmissing - NEURAL NET E-GIRLS
there's no significance to this one, it's just a banger
>sadwrist - this song isn't about you anymore
holy fuck this track blew me away when i found it. it caught me so off guard but i was absolutely hooked. i think i came across this the same time i was getting into Oni13 and stuff. those were fun times.
>purity://filter - Eden (Exclusion Zone)
the first time i heard this song i felt like i had been there. i dont know where there is but i was there after listening to it. it'sa great fucking song
>bye2 - reverse nightmare tower
one of the two songs that got me into orbcore. this and learning2fish60 :3 these two songs had a huge effect on my music taste and the direction i ended up taking things here. her website is AMAZING, btw.

ALSO!!! this rich brian flip i cant find anywhere by ROXAS:

I thought it was so wild that something could sound so fucked but so good and it was a real eye opener

SadGirlsClub Updates:

Still on the gimped webserver

I'm having a rough go and new server drives are gonna cost around 400 bucks ;-;

I have a bit of time before i can afford to move into the new servers, but when i do, whew boy we're gonna be flying.

i managed to get 3 dell R810's and 512 gb ddr3 for 350$. i gave one to a really close friend that's been helping me with 128 gigs of ram.

I'm being slightly picky about how i want to do this since i want to do it right. I'm going to be outfitting them with a raid 6 array of 6 1TB anazon special ssd's each, and will have 1 server with 256 gigs of ddr3, 2 xeon 6550's and a raid 6 array of SSD's and the other will be identical spec except it'll have 128 gigs of ram.

It's worth the wait to do it right because i want to as seamlessly as possible transition to a proxmox cluster instead of my current insanity with ESXi and have an opportunity to start fixing some of the mistakes i made along the way.

Hell, I'm still making mistakes

But yeah, when the time comes

forgive me for the downtime :3

Fun Fact: I wrote this way too late at night.