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I took a small vacation.

By vacation I mean I just worked my day-job for a week

This week's post:

>purity://filter interview

>2 Really Cool Albums

>Weekly Playlist Updates

>Update on the state of SadGirlsClub

An interview with purity://filter

with the release of her and vertigoaway's new album, I figured it would be a good time to reach out to one of my favorite artists, purity://filter.

wanting to build some character and get some lore, I started simple, yet broad. more specifically, "what got you into music, or what influenced you, lore shit"

"I think I really got into this kind of music when my friend showed me death grips in 2017 and I got reccomended wlfgrl soon after" explaining that before that her musical outlet was producing for a brockhampton style group she found on reddit some time in 2019.

Some time after that she would begin to want to produce jungle music after discovering MachineGirl and got a copy of the 'jungle jungle' sample pack and made her debut "rave" song, Xerox Drip. following the release of her song on that compilation, she discovered jungle witch by vertigoaway. combining that with influences like sonic riders would inspire her to make imago. When asked to name specific influences, she elaborated: "full body 2 and tagabow got me into it. I lived with doug for 6 months in philly and that was epic". some other inspirations cited are velocity girl, whirr, bleary eyed, and starflyer 59.

With some character and inspiration background in place, I asked her about her sound: "how would you describe it and what makes a song feel like it's yours" I asked? She mentioned that shoegaze played a heavy influence on her earlier sound, but that she loves to make sounds that balance and contrast: "my favorite feeling is like a contrast between really pretty and beautiful sounds with aggressive textures I just really want to express really intense emotion. thats when a song feels most like me".

With the pleasantries and introductions out of the way, I had to ask the question on everyone's mind:
"What's your favorite dinosaur?"

"probably like a brachiosaurus bro long af" she said.

continuing on with the interview, I asked her about what everyone was actually interested in rn, and that was SEXDUIT WIFECORE, an EP by newlyweds vertigoaway and purity://filter. "We started pn that like 3 days after we started dating", she said, following to mention static link being the first track they wrote for the EP. She continued: "I think we just wanted to make something really loud and powerful and kind of obnoxious bc thats how our love is". As far as musical inspirations, she cited Magdalena's Apathy compilations, bringing up how her and vertigo collect them and listen to them in the car together when they drive places

with my curiosities about her past and present satiated it was time to ask about the future. when asked what she has in store for us, she mentioned a "2007ish jcore/sun3 inspired album that is really uplifting and bouncy and colorful", continuing to state that she's really happy with it and plans to release it new years 2024. Alongside that, she ahs a tour bringing her to portland on june 24th, queens on the 30th, DC on the 1st, Denver on the 7th and LA on the 8th. other than that, she says she plans to finish all of the persona games and keep preparing sets for her tour

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CTRLFR33K - Serenixima

I wish I was more educated on trance so I could speak more eloquently about what they all got going on in this release but it doesn't take a trance expert to know a good album when they hear one. Serenixima is a really good album and I definitely recommend picking up a copy of it. you can find it on bandcamp in the link above

purity://filter x vertigoaway - SEXDUIT WIFECORE

A really crunchy and high energy EP by Vertigoaway and purity://filter. the whole thing is awesome. super crunchy sextrance. It's loud and cacophanous and beautiful and definitely worth your time

Playlist Updates!

Master Playlist

Playing fast and loose with the rules on release dates cause I skipped a week:
>sewnfkt and hexxdgrl - ⚨failed⚧ (SEWNFKT VIP/OG MIX)
>tifu - tifu time 8&9
>purity://filter x vertigoaway - owwwwwwwwww (vertipur)
>zaphyre - century egg
>phosphorrgirl - spearmint trance
>takahiro(FKS) - Breathless
>nfract - in nothing but u
>CTRLFR33K x yousei - Securely Connected

SadGirlsClub Updates:

Monolith-II got clapped. we're downbad on the webserver front

Excessed servers still in the pipeline, but life been making it take a while

Just recently (thursday night), a wildfire rolled through the outskirts of my town and burnt a bunch of stuff, which I think put a lot of strain on the electrical grid in the area because we had a major brown-out that caused a service outage on thursday. Unfortunately, for some reason that brown-out was the last straw for our trusty webserver, Monolith-II, and upon rebooting, she no longer responded to keyboard in bios and was stuck on a 'system memory changed' screen. In order to get the site operational as fast as possible, the ssd for Monolith-II was removed from it's hust and put into a elitestation sff pc. I've dubbed it 'fake monolith'. She is not as good of a machine but she's good enough to be a debian/nginx webserver doing only webserving and a bit of php for the chat window.

We have 2 new to us excessed amazon datacenter servers that are going to be put in in-place of the current infrastructure we have running the network. they'll be a gigantic upgrade as far as computational power and stuff, but unfortunately I just cannot seem to get life to go smoothly long enough for me to set aside the money i need to finish speccing out these servers. I plan on putting 6 1tb ssd's in each of them so II can have a total of like 4.5 or 5 tb in each rig to compliment the 2 xeon 6550's in each, with one having 128 gigs of ram and the other 256.

All i need to do is to keep tragedy from befalling me for a month and I should have them up and running. I've had a hell of a month so far and im hoping the rest of june goes better because wow.

Fun Fact: I write these from start to finish in Notepad++