NeT-NeT Valheim Server News

-1262023- Back up, Less Mods

Less of a pain. Install bepinex and unstripped dll's as one normally would and place the contents of the zip folder into your plugins folder in steamapps

* Valheim ModPak: Download

Old News:

-12132022- Too many updates, mods are broken

We're working on a simpler one that wont be as pain in the ass to get started with

too many projects at the current moment though. It will be back, eta undecided


Valheim Server by NeT-NeT community, Hosted by BeepSquad.WTF

Server requires:

* Valheim with latest updates [As of 09302022]

* Valheim ModPak: NeT-NeT VH ModPak Download

* Internet...

Server, ModPak, and Readme configured and created by SmodZilla.


-09272022- World Reset Complete, New ModPak available for install

Shoutout @ Smod from NeT-NeT for putting this server together. The modpak is REQUIRED to join.

The zip file linked below contains most to all of the information needed to get up and running. If you have any issues, please reach out through either #tech_support in the NeT-NeT discord, or #i_broke_it in ours

NeT-NeT VH ModPak Download


World Reset Incoming. . .

They're getting close to finishing up the modpack config for the valheim server here soon. More details will come eventually. . .


Valheim Server is Live-alpha

New modded server for valheim, hosted for NeT-NeT, is live.

It's a current-ver modded server. Basic mod configuration knowledge is needed. We are still finalizing the mod list for the server so updates will be posted regularly in NeT NeT discord as well as Beepsquad.WTF

You can grab the modpack from (deprecated)