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>#FF85F7 - I wish this blade was sharper

An absolute banger of a track, this track features all of FF85F7's signature sounds. I've always loved their buzzy lead synth in their music and this is another spectacular example of that lead put to work. It's emotional and fast and intense and it's fucking great~

>​​ ​ ​ ​6 ​ ​ ​​ʘ ​​ ​ ​6​ ​ ​ ʘ ​ 6 - ̷'̷'̷'̷'̷'̷'̷'̷

Idk. Someting about the lead in this track just hits different. The melody is catchy and the drums punch too, but by god that screaming synth throughout the song is amazing and i love it. Surprisingly light on crunch but still a very dirty track.

>sewnfkt - refusal

I love the dissonant sounding synths in the beginning so much, and the way it leads into breaks pleases my soul. it's a very textured track too, which i absolutely love

>SeyNoe - Playa Shit

Wonderfully crunchy stabs and a midtempo pace make this one a fun track to jam out to. i love bitcrushed sounds so much and this entire song is crushed hsdfdgh

>꧁꧂ - спасибо за все

It's like if you took the Who Are You song from the FF7 ost and put it through the washing machine. Goddamn <3

>me after a year of no improvment - mirrormage.

I'ts very icy, liquidy even, and has a good chilling atmosphere that leaves you feeling cold and saps the heat from your bones. Lots of beaks. A good track for sure.


it's like if you took a japanese rhythm game track and ran it through a bitcrusher. love it. It's got a good mix of vibes for a 3 minute track and makes a habit of not keeping ideas going for too long. It's floaty, crunchy, bouncy AND full of breaks!


I'm not as good at finding whole releases as i am at digging for individual songs so these might not be as fresh as the playlist updates

These are really hard for me to do lol, i gotta listen to an album like 7 times to get one done im so goddamn adhd.

>ARCADE/TRAUMA x gut spiller - it will all end in tears

this is the kind of depressing breakcore I've been actively searching for the past few weeks. It's moody, atmospheric, glitchy, and melodramatic. Since it's a collaboration between gut spiller and ARCADE TRAUMA, there's an even split of tracks by both artists and one collab between the two. my favorite tracks from the album were unloved girl, broken glass, box cutter by gut spiller, the collab, enochlophobia, and bled dry. Since the album isn;t out at the time of writing, you'll just have to click on the link and find it on the bandcamp page yourself. the link should get you close.

>Egosystem - You and Her

This is egocyst's first album release and it's a killer project. It's a mashup of IDM, Breaks, House and more all slammed together with a crunchy experimental atmosphere and great sound design that really itches that aural nerve. It starts out heavy with my favorite track off the album, neurotic corruption, eases to a lull after the interlude and ends on a roar wth another of my favorites, what did you learn, which is it's own kind of bouncy cacophanous goodness.

>ILOVEPUCK - Project Dump 2

Puck is an artist not enough people have heard of tbh. They write good, powerful breakcore. This is a compilation of projects by puck over the last year. I'm a big fan of his instrument choices throughout the year [im a big fan of blippy fm-sounding synths] and Go endless go heaven features it heavily and I love it :3 . My other favorites were devote your life to the iron., life, and 180mph.