Who is llwll

Angel Boy Artist

llwll is an interesting producer. They're on the wider end of the musical genre spectum, spanning from trance to breakcore to regular ol dnb and all sorts in between. Starting out as a drummer, they got into producing and writing electronic music sometime after discovering she who shall not be named: "Sewer obviously inspired me at first when I first started out but thats long faded away and I've grown up since then".

While that one artist was named as an inspiration, it was llwll's friend, Softxoxo, who really got them into proucing by teaching them the basics of FL studio, making sure to mention they are forever grateful to them for it. "they're actually a blessing even though I haven't talked with them much recently.". with the basics learned, they ran with it, and here they are today

When asked to elaborate on his inspirations and interests, they stated: "now I have different inspirations and artists I'm interested in. The only people I "look up to" though are mainly just one of my friends". I continued to pester them about it and they finally broke down and gave me a name.

after getting some background I wanted to know about his sound, how he would describe it, what he thinks of it, et, al. It's hard to categorize him as an artist since he maintains such a wide variety in sound. When asked what makes an llwll track, he replied: "To be honest I can't really put my finger on it". saying it mostly comes down to the mixing and vibes that gives his music a coherent sound, " It's hard for me to describe it as I am the one making the stuff. When you listen to the stuff you make, it's easy to judge your own music"

Sounds of Snow cover art

Satisfied with asking about their background I began to ask them about their discography, specifically what they would consider as favorites from it. after disappearing from the conversation for a moment to look through his discography he replied: "So I think my favourite releases are Wandering, Cordova, and my NoLoveWorld remix.", All 3 are great Drum and Bass tracks and worth a listen. he continued: "I think Sounds of Snow was the most unique thing I made. I've got a lot of demos just like the songs there, like the same vibes and I've been wanting to make a Summer version". it's what I would describe as an ambient album. as an album about the cold winters where they live, it has a chilling atmosphere and worth a listen if that's your thing :3

After a bit of gossiping back and forth about the weather, and et, cetra, I resumed the interview: I asked them if they could be however tall they wanted .

"Probably either the same as I am now or like somewhere above 6ft. I'm like 5 foot 10-11 ish. I've honestly never really thought about how it would be to be super super tall or tiny because then there's a ton of pros and cons and caveats."

having gotten my interesting question in, it was time for our closing questions, As for new artist advice he suggests just tying to put a spin on something you feel inspired by, and to have fun with it, and to fuck around, and while it's good to put your own spin on your inspirations, make sure to try and be original too "Art isn't supposed to please everyone, and art doesn't have the intent of popularity, or financial gain, or anything."

"and finally, As for future plans, I really do want to get a new album out at some point, but I don't really thing that's coming anytime soon. I might put out a couple singles before then. I've been moving onto some different genres and styles and have a whole vault of unreleased stuff no one has heard. But for the near future, I have some collabs lined up, and the singles. I've mainly just been doing what I want when I want, and treating this more as a hobby again instead of a job or something and picking up some new hobbies and stuff and chilling out."

"I am also working on some future garage kind of stuff but also some more interesting experimental drum and bass stuff. Hopefully it all turns out well. "