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was scrolling through the timeline and noticed Beachgrave was going to be releasing a album so i decided to send it and roll thru her dm's.

we started simple, with a bit of background info on who she is, what she writes, where she came from and what inspired her music.

Starting as a kid, she got her first cracked copy of FL Studio at twelve and proceeded to doot around for a good five years until she actually tried using it and now spends her time twiddling thumbs and chopping amen breaks. She describes her music as "drum and bass for people who can't sit still for more than 2 minutes without picking up the nearest object and absent-mindedly spinning it like a projectile weapon". It's chopped breaks at high bpm with all the stabs and pads you could ever want, with some ginger snaps samples and a few other odds and ends for flavor - "a lot of my songs are just me throwing random disparate ideas together and hoping they tie together nicely lol". her favorite kind of ball, for like, sports is "knot. that is my final answer. I will not be elaborating."

with a bit of a backstory in place, i threw on "JAW REMOVAL SURGERY" and gave it a listen, before pestering her more. asking her about the process, she described the many different ideas it had iterated through "The album was gonna be a concept album about this angel who fell through the sky and had to rebuild themselves using mechanical parts. I was going to dedicate it to my girlfriend, but then the project became a little bigger than I was able to manage with university work, so I scrapped it to work on another idea I had for the project.". She described her next idea as a ambient-esque album with some jungle and garage, with a flowy and cohesive vibe, which also ended up falling through and becoming part of what we received as "JAW REMOVAL SURGERY". Starting off right with the albums titular track, we're greeted with breakbeats and rave stabs. the stab is reminiscent of that one rave stab sound on a 90's yamaha keyboard, but crunchy and uniquely hers. it's the sound i think of when i think of her music. the album has a frantic pace and a good pulse to it. the detuned feel of the melodies throughout amplifies those feelings and the breaks are complex enough for me to sit here long enough to write this.

When asked about her favorite track from the album she told me it was it's title track, jaw removal surgery. Citing the way the track progresses throughout and the production of the track, and mantioning she was super into using rave generator 2 for the first half of the album (it's where the signature stabby 90's sound comes out of).

My personal favorites from the track were WIREFRAME, DODGE THIS!, and TWINKDEATH. WIREFRAME is a great track, the breakbeats are well-chopped, with good range and major floating museum vibes from the middle. DODGE THIS! is peak beachgrave: extensive sampling, rompler sounds and great sounding drums (The eggman samples were a nice touch). TWINKDEATH is like, peak maximalist breakcore. The breaks are nearly constantly being split, chopped and mashed together into in-time randomness and it's great.

 >Art by vstrid


Physical releases are available from LMNL.RECORDS

Playlist Updates!

I set out for moody, downtrodden sadgirl breakcore but i came up with a variety-pack of trashwave and asst. breakcore/DnB

This Week's Finds:
> llwll - (Are You) Alone
>Glitchrode - GrindSquare²
>92512 - Rank
>chinesemidiboard - scratchin'
>))♘✺✁sinnesslöa✺✁♘(( - Rottenhouse end
>Mei 鳴 - Kreepin
>mikano - M U O ⨉ U M O ₍ ₍ ₍ ⺯⁾ ⁾ ⁾
>gut spiller - boyish girls eating nails and loose screws

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