I come bearing more stuff

I've been shitposting too hard. dont expect a good one

onumi released a minimix

A new album is cominggggggggggg

Interview with MANAPOOL!

Whoever said dont meet your heroes is a lying whore xD

nacho released 3 tracks om monday

they fuckin slappp

The Playlist

This week's playlist additions:

ctrlfr33k - chasteness of seagirls
Noisetripper - Tatu Paradox
phosphorrgirl -
rainsdeaf - (god cries alone alt tversion)(Foorowrkrk W 1445151)
Ayane Fukumi - Maximalism
amore - Bleed Soul.
qteku - pineapple soda
mirrormage - you never realize how boring your life is until someone asks you what you do for fun

New! Master Playlist!

onumi released a minimix containing what i assume to be unreleased tracks

She has coming down the pike. It fucking slaps. 0:00,Interior Zombfied Alligator TIME VIP, 16:16, all of it. All of it is good. I keep trying to pick a favorite then i have a new favorite. i want to shout out half the tracks on the mix but i'll contain myself for now. it's a dense mix with a ton of sounds i know people here would love. The album she's hinting about is sure to slap :3 (i think i might've heard xix but i might be tripping, if so, 18:40 gonna fuck)

nacho released 3 tracks om monday

nacho released some really good breakcore this week. We got 3 new tracks: If only it was truly easy to be truly happy, i love you and past mistakes. The first is an amazing example of the more melodramatic side of breakcore. Personally i see myself enjoying this one on a rainy day with a cup of coffee. I love you gives me big lolicore vibes, but im no expert on genres so dont kill me if im wrong! it's got all the quick breaks, extratone drums and squeaky anime girl vocals your heart could possibly desire. The third is a breakcore remix of resonance. it's a lot more subdued than the last two but still has moments of in-your-face clarity that are amazing!!

I got a wonderful chance to interview Manapool

for the article this week. An artist with an amazing array of tracks spanning genres like Trance, Hardcore, Drum and Bass and many more. On a lucky stroke I screamed out into the void on twitter and the void yelled back. Next thing I know, I'm reaching out to her on discord!

I started by asking her about her inspirations as an artist and what inspired her tastes, to which she replied "A lot of video games, especially jrpg's like Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star Onlineā€. She also mentioned she was very influenced by Japanese nu skool breaks and older trance. Some examples she gave were Sasha's track "Xpander". Another artist she named as a "huge overall inspiration" is East of Oceans. (both are worth checking out. She has good taste)

with some insight into her music inspirations, I wanted to know more about her >album. when asked if there was emotional significance to the album, she replied "There's a lot of emotional significance to the album, almost too much.". Following after seraph.am, which she describes as an album about being in love and feeling saved by it, Silent Core contrasts this be being about the ways that was not entirely true. she then explained the significance of the album: "A lot of horrible things happened to me now to this time last year, and instead of working through it I turned myself into a computer, overworking constantly and programming myself to continue. In that state I felt a overwhelming sense of temporance, like nothing I was doing was permanent and I didn't really belong anywhere. I tried to encapsulate that feeling, where as you're doing too much to think about what you're actually doing, however it's all you think about"

When asked about her favorite songs from the album, she replied: "Either TempleOS or the closer, 0.0958year.", stating that she felt she pulled off exactly what she wanted, with a little flex on top. She went to elaborate about how 0.0958year was a track written while waiting for her girlfriend to come home from a month long trip, and unsure how the reunion would be. Wanting to make something that reminded her of east of oceans, she added, "I almost got there with that song. Both tracks are completely written and played by me. I feel proud to have made them.".

With my curiosity about the album satiated, I wanted to about her favorite show she's played. When asked, she stated: "Honestly the last show I played, with my hometown Saint Louis based collective Materia. I was a show to release the album, and maybe one of the biggest I've ever played."

Also her favorite flavors of ice cream are Sea Salt or Green Tea

with that, I just had a few quick odds and ends to ask ~

>Ædith: do you have any silly songwriting rituals?
>MANAPOOL: no real rituals however I do have this intrusive thing happen to me where if i hear a song I want to remix I'll immediately stop what I'm doing, even listening to it, and go make it

>Ædith: do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists?
>MANAPOOL: find your people, find friends, or other like minded artists to work with. you'll become a better artist that way and a lot of times it'll push your career a lot farther. my biggest success with manapool is the friends I've made through it.

>Ædith: any big upcoming plans you wanna blab about?
>MANAPOOL: Me and DJ Don't Panic are working on a drakengard / nier remix split project ^-^

The Playlist

I decided it would be a good idea to take the tracks i feature in the new releases section and throw em in a playlist! every week when i release the post i'll add the tracks from the mew music part to the playlist, that way it's always good and up to date~

You can find it here!