I fell down a well and couldnt climb back out

some stuff i tried didn't work out. There's always next time.

i dissociated into the phone, met a cute boy, met a couple cute girls, shitposted too hard, lost track of time for a week. Currently losing to a case of down-bad gutter-brain,,,

Playlist Updates!

Songs released this and last week that are bangers

more tracks than usual since i haven't posted in a while

If anyone can tag the trashwave peeps in the twitter replies, that'd be based

small mistake - youre-the-one-who-choose-to-listen-to-this-shit-im-just-a-cute-little-whore-pretending-to-be-a-dj

tifu - Do You Know Tifu
phosphorrgirl - Innocent Desire Bootleg
dxmelia fake-depression
____ - 4ংআ4জলথﺴযঞওট্ইষﺎঋষচফশঊথﺴল
Noisetripper - tatu paradox
40k!< - clear_blu_water
mirrormage - am i not worth it anymore?
DJAW - So Pretty
lafew - da fuck
Yem - Simple Complex
CRUXXX - what could have been
sewn the maid - H8 ME 4EVRR DRAG N HEX
rl1805 x 2048x2048 - raindrops
Euphoria System - The Reflection That Continues To Mock Me
Temma - WIKKID
knife loves me - nȺȼħ bhfuil ⱮƲίɖ cosúil Ⱥ bheith + relipsy

So far my favorite tracks this week were H8 ME 4EVRR DRAG N HEX, raindrops and WIKKID

Who is this?

I think i found this trio of accounts belonging to an artist. i dont know what their name is. 90909 or something. their soundcloud page is so weird. Somehow they have a like on an alt profile that links to a main? their music is really good though. I don't know much about the subgenres in trashwave so i can't speak too eloquently on it (I can't speak eloquently on much, but especially not trashwave). I gotta say the album art is always interdesting... You should check them out...



sewnfkt and trashwave

I have a huge interview coming up that i did with sewnfkt. I'm moving slowly on that and apologise. It needs a proof-read, html formatting, and a bunch of links linked in the article. It should be done latest by this weekend :3