Every Webring Website needs a shitty blog

I'm not an organized person. At best, organized chaos,. so maintaining any semblance of a schedule will be a herculean feat for me. I don't plan to provide any scalding takes or lifechanging ideas but i want to share at least some of the experiences i have running this site. It's been an interesting ride.

Where did this start?

Two years ago, I wanted branding and authenticity for the textures i put on my clothes in vrchat.

I kid you not, SadGirlsClub was a silly little project i put together to stream music to vrchat because i wanted to have total control over the radio and have a coherent brand for my avatar's clothes. I set up an rtmp server, a simple webpage, and started streaming music to the video player in my vrchat worlds. through that, i made some friends, liberated more e-waste and built up a somewhat functioning site.

What it looked like then:

god those days sucked.

Then i quit my job in december of 2022

I chronically didnt get paid so i quit my job, fixed my health situation and then proceeded to break my wrist

In between fixing my health situation and breaking my wrist i became infatuated with maintaining my lab servers again, so i decided 'you know what? screw it. I'm going to rebuild my website', and no-lifed it between the first and 20th of february.

Because of this site i've had the opportunity to meet so many cool people, and have so many neat conversations in chat. I don't regret my decisions even if the path has been fucking nuts.

(i spared a lot of details. also i have a new job now)

In case you're wondering, Web-Chan, the dell SFF pc, was rescued from a doctor's office. She's still in use today and working as a reverse proxy to provide https encryption and traffic management for beepsquad sites :3